important upgrades were conducted

Firstly, packing area of kernels processing workshop have been transformed and upgraded. Secondly, a New-style GWS washing machine was equipped. Thirdly, the conveyor belt tunnel for conveying raw material kernels from hulling workshop to processing workshop had been built. Since then closed operation have been realized. Fourth, the old hulling machines are all replaced with new-style hulling machines. Fifth, pumpkin seeds processing line equipped with grading machine, gravity machine, de-stoner, color sorting machine had been assembled. Sixth, Sunflower seeds processing workshop was upgraded, two sets of old gravity machine, de-stoners and color sorting machines have been replaced by new ones. Raw material storage workbin have been set. Our products have been sold to UK market and there are 75 employees.



the export volume increased significantly

New warehouse and workshop are built in eastern part of the factory yard. The sunflower seeds hulling machine were renewed. The export volume increased significantly . There were 58 employees.



kernels processing line updated.

Another kernels processing line was assembled. There are 2 processing lines and each of them was equipped with three sets of color sorting machine, destoner, gravity machine, x-ray. In that year, Our pumpkin kernels have been exported to Korea market and occupied 30% market share. At the same time, our products have been sold to European market. There are 47 employees.



Xunada Started it’s export business.

In 2009, Xuanda developed into a company with 32 employees after 3 years’ accumulation and started it’s sunflower seeds and kernels export business. The main export markets are Middle east and South Africa. At the same time, the new factory for seeds and kernels processing which cover an area of 33000 square meters had been built in Industrial park, Wuyuan county.



Invested more than 10 million to establish a roasted and roasted plant

Xuanda repaired the factory yard and office building. A elite team was formed and Xuanda enterprise culture are constructed. At the same time, roasted pumpkin kernels processing equipment was equipped. Meanwhile, we invest more than 10 million rmb on our roasted factory Inner Mongolia Qi Leyuan company to satisfy both domestic and abroad customers’ requirements for roasted seeds and kernels. There are 80 employees and our products have been sold to over 50 countries.



Xuanda invested more than 10 millions on kernels processing workshop technical transformation.

A two-story workshop with 3 processing lines had been built. The building area has increased by 3600 square meters. New storage workbin, new boiler room have been set. 3 sets of steam sterilization equipment, 6 sets of color sorting machine and 3 sets of X-ray have been added. The processing environment have greatly improved. At the same time, a raw material warehouse which covers an area of 4000 squire meters have been built at the western part of the factory yard. Meanwhile our turkey market share has increased significantly. We work with more than 30 companies in Turkey. There were 70 employees.



continue upgrade processing line

Every processing line was equipped with another X-Ray and a mental detector. Pumpkin hulling workshop was established and drying machine, raw material storage bins, 12 sets of hulling machine was equipped. Another pumpkin seeds grading line was assembled. There are altogether 2 pumpkin kernels grading lines. In that year, there are 53 employees and the European market expended to Austria, Germany. At the same time, our products have been sold to US market.



Moved to new site in Industrial park, Wuyuan county.

There were 3 workshops with total 6 processing lines in the new factory. The main business is processing and exporting of sunflower seeds and kernels. At that time, there are 35 employees in which there are 3 traders. The annual output reached 25000 metric tons while the export market expand to Turkey, Dubai, Iraq etc.



Inner Mongolia Xuanda Food was established.

The old site was in baliqiao, wuyuan county which covers an area of 3280 square meters. The main operation was hulling oil sunflower seeds. At that time there are only two sets of sunflower seeds hulling machine and 11 employees. The products were mainly sold to Gansu, Beijing, Tianjin area in China.